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         The Oracles Of  God 
Oracles are the Scriptures which are the Divine authority and expressions of God the creator  . They are the divine communication or revelation of god , that is why the word
says in " 1 Peter 4 :11 " , If any man speak , let him speak as the oracles of God . Not only must his words be beyond reproach , he must be also . He , His life and His words must be as the Word Of God  or as the Oracles he is speaking . That 's an A man ! !
Now read all of this passage and apply it to your spiritual leader and if you can ,  You have a good thing ,  a " Man Of God " .
                                                 By  Bro.  Y.D.

         The Five Ministries Of God
The ministers that Jesus Christ placed in the church for the work of the ministry in the body of Christ , or for the edifying of the body of Christ , till we all come in the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of god , unto a perfect man , unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ .Those ministers are ( Ephesians 4 :11) the apostles , prophets , evangelists , pastors and teachers for the perfecting of the saints . Now these five ministries are appointed and ordained by god with the full authority of the Holy Ghost according to each position which is place in the body of Christ . Under the leadership of the Holy Ghost , other positions in the body ( church ) were given by man , to help with the ministry of the people who had certain needs . This I say beloved , that only in the body of Christ will you fine the fullness of the Holy Ghost and the complete ministry ordained by Jesus Christ . Why are so many of today's churches so powerless and without all of the attributes of the first churches established after the day of Pentecost , with a multitude of excuses for not obeying the work of god ?  I can answer that but in truth , I'm sure you can also . Getting an understanding of God's Word .
                                                     By Bro. Y.D.

Question : Is it true , he who is borned of god , cannot sin or sinneth not ?       
                Get the answer from the bible and not from the mouth of man .

Tithing , Offerings And Donations

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       We as believers and being obedient to god 's word and in the keeping of the body of Christ which was established on the day of Pentecost , we as followers of Jesus Christ are obligated in giving god his tithes and offerings . Which in return blesses our finances and our lives . If you do not have a church home and you are wanting to give your tithing and offerings or donations to god ,  we are ordained of him and by him to receive them .
And in doing so , god will bless you for your obedience and 100% of your giving , goes to the administering of the body of Christ . So that we have all things common , and sharing to everyone's need ( acts: 2 : 42 to 46 ) . If you wish to do so , please contact  us for more information . Remember this , " God Loves A Cheerful Giver " .
        Thank you !    Be blessed and stay safe . 
                                  Bro. Y.D.