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                                            TAKING THE GOSPEL TO THE PEOPLE  IN " CHRIST JESUS "


" ~YOU~ "

       Did you know that the Bible has been and is currently being factually proven to be true and correct and accurate with the times and the events and the people and all of the destruction , according to how they were written in the Bible ? There isn't anything written there in ( THE BIBLE), from Genesis to Revelation , that has been proven to be incorrect and believe me, they have tried . In fact , today's modern science tends to prove other- wise , that the universe had to have been , created . Because of the intelligence it took to create life and every there is in existence, and a big bang couldn't have created life nor the universe and all that's in it . Life is not an accident , but has to be a creation indeed with all of it's intelligence that had to come from somewhere or God himself . But not a Big Bang nor an Evolution ," man from apes ? ", that goes against the natural order of things and that is " nothing from nothing yields nothing . Even the Big Bang itself had to have come from something, or somewhere , wouldn't you say ? Isn't it a wonder how that the more you study the word of God or the Scriptures , the more you become enlighten with the truth about yourself and why you are here , more aware of Today's Times , The World , Today's Events , The Future , and who and what You truly are in all of God's Creation . If you could just remove the evil from man , you would see something created with perfection and given intelligence that had to have come from someone , ( an intelligence higher that man ) . Man is magnificently designed to have dominion over everything in this world ,but has fallen from grace by his own will and his inability to believe in God . Who created the Universe, what do you believe, who do you believe in ?